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The Envelope Story

The Envelope
I AM ONLY AN ENVELOPE, a lowly bit of paper designed, fashioned, and made to convey messages. I am impersonal, dispassionate, neutral. I have no feeling, yet within me may be the incitation of the whole gamut of emotions: love, hate, greed, inspiration, joy, exultation, happiness, hope. I may convey felicitations, flattery, fear, disgrace, discredit, despair. Who knows what my burden may be, whether a notice of delinquency, a receipt for monies paid, a fund raising request, news of loved ones, notice of death, a paean of passionate love, confession of a dream shattered, an order for merchandise, or a contract canceled.
The Envelope Character looking left
I AM ONLY AN ENVELOPE, yet business and government depends upon me more than upon any other servant for the exchange of thoughts, ideas, plans, instructions, orders, payments, acknowledgments.
The Envelope
I AM ONLY AN ENVELOPE, yet romance finds in me a faithful ally, lovers adore me for me secretiveness and security in passing sweet sentiment.
The Envelope Character looking left
I AM ONLY AN ENVELOPE, yet diplomats, dictators, presidents, kings, consider me their trusted messenger. If it were not for me the vast, complex mail distributing systems of the entire world would collapse, becoming useless, obsolete. Before you destroy me think of the service I have performed for you and am capable of performing for others.

THINK! And be grateful that my cost is so little, my services so indispensable.

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